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The Ben and Pia Duncan Foundation is a 501C (3) charitable organization with a mission to pioneer initiatives that will bridge the opportunity gap for youth in the areas of Health & Science, Arts, Global Education, Social Justice and College accessibility. The foundation’s focal point is community service and to help encourage, and cultivate future leaders. The foundation also serves as a research resource providing statistics and data highlighting disparities and trends in the areas of Health & Science, Global Education,  Economics, Environmental Equity, and Social Justice.




Faith, Education, Cultivation and Motivation is what the foundation is constructed on. The Ben and Pia Duncan Foundation strives to instill these principles in youth and in the community to help bridge the gap of opportunity to children and youth. The foundation will support education, through the granting of scholarships; provide valuable information, knowledge and resources; and provide a framework for new and innovative research to help narrow racial gaps and to improve the quality of life of all Americans across a wide spectrum of areas.




To expose and present opportunities to children that they never dreamt of in hopes to assist them with their educational and career pursuits and decrease the diversity disparity in the field of Health & Science, Art, Global Education, Economic and Environmental Equity, and Social Justice.


Board of Directors

Dr. Pia Duncan - President

Mr. Benjamin Duncan - Vice President

Ms. Lydia Duncan - Treasurer

Ms. Felicia Crittenden - Secretary

Dr. Randy Davis - Board Member

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